HoR ressurected, to good standard

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HoR ressurected, to good standard

Post  Hades on Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:33 am


As you may have noticed, recent recruits have been drafted in and HoR has a good number of Roleplayers now.

Why just today we had RPer overflow and had to host 2 Roleplays. All HoR members. Which is a good sign that we are by far mending HoR, but the fact is, HoR is not going to sustain itself. Sure, we have done a great job bringing everything back but we still need to look to the future.

That is why, we need to once more discuss where the next Heroes of sector should be.

Any thoughts?
I myself only really have access to AoM, but of course with BF4 coming this year, we could ressurect HoW. That's not a new sector, but it's something to grow.

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