Pruning and Basket

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Pruning and Basket

Post  .Yankee. on Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:18 am

If this becomes what the most of you expect and hope for, it will be a very busy forum. Many topics will go inactive because they are unimportant. I remember seeing topics on the HoR forum and the UCA that had their last comment two years back. It would be very crowded if we did that and had our topics just sit on the bottom of an endless list of scrolling.

On the other hand, if the time comes to answer questions again or go back into archives, it would also be a good idea to keep topics, but even then, it can become a huge list.

I am not familiar with how the Basket category works, so I will start with the Pruning.

Pruning is a forum term that means the deletion of topics after a long period of inactivity. This period of time is adjustable. Lets say after 90 days, a topic about who likes what food has not been used. No new comments for 90 days and doubtfully any visits to the topic. Pruning would automatically remove the topic. This would allow some organization of the forum to be done without anyone lifting a finger. The only thing is that we will not be able to select specific topics to be exempt from pruning.

The Basket is a normally locked forum that shows all the passed topics. Right now, there is a Basket on the homepage. I will get back to that. The topics that are finished would be moved into the Basket and locked, so no new comments can be written. The topics will still be viewable, so any previous questions that have risen again can be answered.

Having one Basket would bottleneck the topics of all the clans into one forum. If you need to find a question about reinstalling a certain game or mod, it would also be an endless list of scrolling until you find it. With this in mind, I think the better option would be to put a basket in every section. A HoR Basket for their topics, HoW Basket for theirs etc. including a basket in the HoG general section.

The question is how do we, as a union of multiple clans, want to organize our inactive, but possibly still useful topics? It would be a good idea to figure this out now so we save the time of sifting through topics later.


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